Accidental iPhone Wedding Photographer

These are photos from a wedding I stumbled across in the Meiji Jingu Shrine while in Tokyo last November. Coincidentally, I was in Tokyo that weekend for a close friend’s wedding. The procession and just the whole environment was fantastic, but I was also incredibly impressed by the photos the iPhone took. The first photo is straight out of camera. The depth effect is from the iPhone 7’s portrait mode, and the colors are exactly what the phone saw. I really thought some blur to get some subject separation would be nice, and the phone was new so I didn’t know its limits yet. I swiped into portrait mode, held the phone in front of my face, and just tapped the shutter button repeatedly, hoping I might receive some divine intervention from whatever spirits reside in the shrine. The second photo was sent through an editing app to tweak the colors, but the sooc colors were still pretty impressive. When I was reviewing my photos that evening, I was blown away by the portrait mode photo. That same trip I had intended to buy a camera at one of the Yodobashi stores, but after seeing these results (and being wholly underwhelmed by the UI and UX of most cameras), I decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m very excited to see what camera improvements come with the new iPhones this fall.

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